Buddy began playing guitar at age thirteen.  His father gave him an  acoustic guitar which had strings like “oak trees”. Of course, lessons came with it but Buddy got tired of playing “Home on the Range” and all the other tired practice songs the teacher wanted him to play.

In fact, it wasn’t until he saw a friend play a church social with the guitar behind his back did inspire Buddy to start listening to records and learning songs off them.

Beginning with Wipe Out by the Surfaris and picking songs that were popular; he quickly expanded his knowledge and ability.

After a while, he found an ability to hear a song and play it as he prefers the audio material than sheet music as you get everything by hearing it by the original artist. Not too much in commercial sheet music.

As a result, Buddy was able to “cross over” through many genres and features a wide variety of material in his act beginning a career in music that has been pleasing crowds for many decades.